Louis Moinet Mecanograph New York

— Baselworld – Louis Moinet presents Mecanograph New York and Mecanograph Doha, the first two models from its Mecanograph City line. Today, focus on Swiss Replica Watches Mecanograph New York.

Dial of Louis Moinet Mecanograph New York

New York, often considered to be “the capital of the world”, has a significant impact in all fields, whether world trade, the media, the arts, fashion, showbiz, technology, research or education.

It is the largest city in the United States of America with more than 8 million inhabitants and it is also one of the most cosmopolitan metropolises in the world: nearly half of its inhabitants speak a language other than English at home, 150 different languages are spoken there and it receives 50 million visitors a year.

Hand engraving

Hand engraving combines line engraving with a special, secret technique to produce clearly pronounced embossing. The central element of the dial is the One World Trade Center, the country’s biggest skyscraper at 541 metres high, spire included. It was chosen because it symbolises New York’s revival. Other emblematic skyscrapers are easy to recognise like the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building, which were both the tallest in the world when built in 1930. The famous Brooklyn Bridge, which dates back to 1883 and spans the East River, is also represented.


Louis Moinet - Mecanograph New York

Mecanograph New York
© Louis Moinet

Hand engraving takes more than twenty hours of work, with attention particularly devoted to the finishing touches: the depth of the satiny lines, the use of light between matt and shine in harmony with the darker patina once inlaid, which gives the whole a metallic look inspired by the city.

New York meteorite

Bolstered by working with Luc Labenne, the famous meteorite hunter, Louis Moinet presents a Omega Replica watchmaking exclusive with these fragments of the legendary New York meteorite, carefully set into the glossy-blue, star-studded New York City skyline.

This ferrous meteorite was bought in 1965 in the port of New York from the captain of a fishing boat, who we can suppose obtained it from an Inuit. The meteorite is the only one to have been officially given the name New York, as confirmed by the Meteoritical Society.

Mecanograph New York is available in Grade 5 titanium or in 5N 18K rose gold with each edition limited to 60 pieces.

Baume & Mercier Classima ref. 10144 et 10147

— Baume & Mercier Omega Replica Watches presents its new Classima Quartz timepieces in two sizes, to form a pair…

Classima 10144 © Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier Swiss Replica Watches has created a number of slimline timepieces in its history. In 1965 it launched a bracelet watch in white gold powered by an automatic caliber with microrotor. Today, this classic timepiece forms part of the House’s Museum Collection and has inspired the Classima collection, helping to bring it to the attention of a public who appreciate that minimalism is a sign of great quality.

These new Classima Rolex Replica watches are housed in a polished steel case with a sun satin-finished silver-colored dial, mounted on a red-brown alligator strap. They are the perfect addition to this line of instruments whose timeless elegance has the amazing ability to enhance special occasions in life. These two watches in contrasting sizes (33mm and 42mm in diameter) maximize their evocative power thanks to their case-back that can be engraved with a personal message to capture the significance of the special moment.



Classima 10144 and 10147.
© Baume & Mercier Fake Watches 

Classima 10144 and 10147

The steel Classima with a case diameter of 42 mm is an urban watch. Housing a Swiss-made quartz caliber known for its extreme reliability, it features a sun satin-finished silver-colored dial with gilt Roman numerals and delicate hour markers. It displays the hours and minutes plus the date through an aperture at 3 o’clock, and is worn on a traditional strap in red-brown alligator leather, fastened with a pin buckle.

The ref. 10147, with its 33mm, is the second watch of the pair, designed to women.

The new 2014 Classima line also includes the ref. 10148 and 10146, both featuring  a 33mm steel case.

Breitling Replica

Eterna Grace

— Feminine and elegant, the new Grace Swiss Fake Watches comes in eight models, featuring quartz Omega Replica Watches or self-winding mechanical movements. Focus on the two-hands steel model.

Grace ref 2560.50.66.1335 © Eterna

“Grace” models join a long line of Eterna-designed replica Omega watches for women that first appeared in the early years of the preceding century. Some enjoyed a moment of fame on the wrist of celebrated stars of the silver screen, not least Brigitte Bardot and Gina Lollobrigida.

In 1976, the Eterna’s Sahida’s uncluttered design, typical of the period, attracted a lot of admiring attention. In 2014, its spirited personality asserts itself via the eight new “Grace” designs. Three of them feature a self-winding mechanical movement and five a quartz movement. All of them reflect the sleek silhouette of the design that originally inspired them.

Each “Grace” design features a setting of Top Wesselton diamonds. Charm of choice extends to the bracelet or strap, in steel, in gold or in satin depending on the model.

The Grace Two-Hands model, in polished and brushed stainless steel, houses a quartz movement displaying the hours and minutes, as well as the date. The bezel is set with 66 diamonds (Top Wesselton, VVS, 0.682 carat) while the white mother-of-pearl dial bears rhodium-plated hour markers with 8 diamonds. The 32mm case, water-resistant to 50m, features a scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

An elegant white satin strap, equipped with a stainless steel pin buckle, completes the Replica Watches.

Eterna The essential KonTiki Date

— Looking for a Omega Replica watches that is both affordable and iconic? Look no further – the Eterna KonTiki Automatic Date may be the answer. Here are the reasons why.

Eterna Kon Tiki Automatic Date © Miguel Seabra/Espiral do Tempo

Having a passion for a job is wonderful but it can make us lose touch with… reality. Exactly: we in the replica Omega watches media are spoiled by constantly reporting on extraordinary creations and stratospheric masterpieces that can be worth the same as a penthouse in a major European city or a luxury yacht; sometimes we get to test many of them, but we can seldom afford most of those dream watches. In my case, I’m frequently pulled back to Earth by friends wanting me to write about “regular watches for ordinary people” or asking me for advice regarding the purchase of a good mechanical timepiece with a price tag between 1,000 and 2,000 euros – and even though there are several brands capable of providing a nice product in that range, there aren’t many affordable ones exuding icon status and capable of capturing your imagination. I would say the Eterna KonTiki Automatic Date is one of them.



Love triangle: the iconic geometric markers of the KonTiki on the 1958 original and the latest version, featuring white SuperLuminova.
© Eterna Fake Watches UK

I must confess to being emotionally attached to Eterna’s KonTiki line since I acknowledged it existed, because in my youth I read Thor Heyerdahl’s book on his 1947 saga across the Pacific on a primitive balsa raft (christened KonTiki, ‘God of Sun’) just to prove an anthropological point of view.  During that journey, the Norwegian ethnographer and his five-man crew chose to wear Eterna fake Omega watches on their wrists, specifically commissioned to endure the sternest tests. In 1958, Eterna adopted the KonTiki name for its most rugged line of timepieces as a homage to the 101-day oceanic odyssey; since then, there have been many Eterna models (and many cocktail bars around the world!) bearing the KonTiki label – including some more attractive than others, a few remarkable ones and a couple of forgettable versions. The Eterna KonTiki Automatic Date, first launched in 2008, is definitely one that stands out for both its price point (around 1,600 Euro on a steel bracelet) and its looks, which are reminiscent of the 1958 original.



KonTiki: inspired by sea, sand and sun. Featuring one of the best quality/price/cult status ratios on the market.
© Miguel Seabra/Espiral do Tempo


Compared to the first KonTiki, the KonTiki Automatic Date is naturally bigger – with a 42-millimeter case that sits rather well even on midsize wrists. It emulates many elements of style of the 1950s and can be compared to another timepiece that I consider to be the essential Rolex: the Explorer, whose origins are contemporary to the Eterna KonTiki and tied to another famous explorer. Legend says Sir Edmund Hillary and sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first men on top of Everest in 1953 and specifically prepared Rolexes were part of the expedition, inspiring the 1957 model christened Explorer that was last updated in 2010 with a 39mm version (ref. 214270).  It also features a black dial that gives prominence to a luminous triangle (at 12 0’clock), whereas the typical Eterna KonTiki boasts four (at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock).



Adventure cousins since the 1950s: Rolex Explorer and Eterna KonTiki Date.
© Miguel Seabra/Espiral do Tempo


I bring the Rolex Explorer into comparison not only because of certain similarities in style and origin, but also because of the price. Not to mention the famous quotes associated with their famous owners: it is said that Sir Edmund Hillary, when questioned why he escalated the Everest, answered “because it is there”, whereas Thor Heyerdahl once stated ”Borders I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people”. And also because I happen to know the Explorer and the KonTiki Date quite well, having taken both to an iPhonographic photo session at the picturesque Cresmina Beach near Cascais, in the outskirts of Lisbon. Of course, the Explorer exudes Rolex’s overall quality and the remarkable in-house automatic caliber 3132 – but, at round 5,500 Euro, it costs over three times more than the Eterna KonTiki Date. Granted, 1,600 euros can still be a big sum for a lot of people in a crisis-ridden Europe, but it sounds about right for a quality product from an historic Swiss brand – a start-up watch for those moving on to mechanical Omega Replica watches, a ‘beater’ for aficionados who have more expensive timepieces but wish to have a sturdier one to knock around.



The robust KonTiki Date provides water resistance to 200 meters thanks to the screw-down caseback and screw-in crown.
© Miguel Seabra/Espiral do Tempo


I love the steel case of the KonTiki Date and how it combines with the metal bracelet. The size is perfect, whereas I would like the Explorer to be a tad bigger (a mere 1mm would do!). The finishing is quite fine, with polished touches contrasting with the dominant brushed surface. The dial center bears an engraved outline of Raroia (the Polynesian atoll where the KonTiki arrived after the epic 4,300 nautical-mile journey), surrounded by the emblematic luminous triangles under the four numbered hours and strips of luminous compound. Like in every KonTiki timepiece, the case back is identified by an engraved medallion of the iconic raft. The movement is an automatic Sellita SW200, inspired by an ETA caliber (and Eterna had historic ties to ETA in the past, having perfected the ball bearing system for the rotors in 1948).



On the case back: an engraved medallion of the KonTiki raft that gained legendary status through its fabled journey. Integrated rubber strap available.
© Miguel Seabra/Espiral do Tempo


Right now, the regular KonTiki collection includes the 42mm KonTiki Date available in several dial colors and also on rubber and leather straps besides the metal bracelet; the 40mm KonTiki Four-Hands, with an analogical flange calendar framing a centerpiece inscribed with ancient runic characters; the 44mm KonTiki Four-Hands XXL that also carries a pointer-type date display; the 42mm Chronograph, an exercise in style on how to use the emblematic triangular areas on the dial in spite of the counters; and the fabulous Heritage Super KonTiki 1973, a faithful reedition of a Seventies model adopted by the Israeli secret services.



The KonTiki Date in the company of the Heritage Super KonTiki 1973, one of the best reeditions available.
© Miguel Seabra/Espiral do Tempo


But stay tuned! In a couple of days, Eterna will introduce new KonTiki versions at Baselworld, further affirming its ties with one of the most significant anthropological expeditions of modern times. The Grenchen-based brand will also confirm the launch of the Royal Kon-Tiki Two Time Zones, unveiled last year and equipped with the first of 88 possible variants of the new in-house Caliber 39. Thor Heyerdahl’s legacy continues to inspire Eterna. And myself.



The most recent member of a family that will disclose new members at Baselworld: the Royal KonTiki Two Time Zones.
© Eterna Fake Watches UK

TAG Heuer V4, 10 years already

— Epitomising the determination of TAG Heuer’s Replica Watches UK leaders to take the brand into an entirely different dimension, the Monaco V4 celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. WorldTempus joins the social network chorus of speculation feeding collectors’ curiosity regarding the new version to be unveiled at Baselworld at the end of March. Might these reflections in fact stem from the reality of a DLC treatment on a titanium case?

 Monaco V4 © TAG Heuer

The very first appearance of the V4 at a Baselworld opening trade press dinner in 2004 had left journalists speechless. TAG Heuer was not particularly well known at the time for its innovations in terms of movements, which meant that the world’s first mechanical belt-driven Omega Replica watches was doubly surprising in the hands of Jean-Christophe Babin (then CEO) and his marketing director Stéphane Linder (current CEO). “We must first ensure the reliability of the product”, they had warned, “but we will get there”. During the three subsequent editions of the World Replica Omega Watches and Jewellery Show, as TAG Heuer’s Haute Horlogerie expertise became increasingly substantial and self-evident, these same journalists repeatedly enquired about the V4. “We will pour as much energy and means into it as necessary, but we will succeed”, replied the two with one accord.

During the three subsequent editions of the World Watch and Jewellery Show, as TAG Heuer’s Haute Horlogerie expertise became increasingly substantial and self-evident, these same journalists repeatedly enquired about the V4. “We will pour as much energy and means into it as necessary, but we will succeed”, replied the two with one accord.


150 years young – and an impressive new notch in its belt

This stubbornness was at last rewarded just in time for TAG Heuer’s 150th anniversary in 2010. Five years of relentless work had finally proved necessary to turn the famous V4 prototype into a model sufficiently reliable for commercialized production. Lewis Hamilton attended the launch of the first 150-piece limited series at a gala event in Paris and was particularly impressed by its V-shaped bridges angled at 15° like the cylinders of the Formula 1 motor-racing engines after which it is named. Two patents underscore the concentrated blend of innovation embodied in this landmark Swiss Replica Watches: one for the transmission via a high-yield relay of five notched micro belts; and the other for the linear weight, a 12-gram tungsten ingot mounted on the world’s smallest ball bearings.



The first Monaco V4 150-piece limited series.
© TAG Heuer


In the very first interview he gave last year after his appointment as CEO of TAG Heuer, Stéphane Linder said: “I am extremely proud of the Monaco V4, since it symbolically spelt the start of Fine Watchmaking innovation for TAG Heuer. At the time, we had to create everything from scratch, since we did not have the current development resources now available to us. The concept was born in 2002, we presented the product in 2004, and it took four years to ensure its reliability with the help of teams we put in place, particularly with the support of talents from outside the Replica Omega watches UK industry such as Guy Semon, who is at the head of the 40-strong R&D department. This accomplishment kick-started our move to accomplish other major Haute Horlogerie feats. »



The pink gold, ruthenium and ceramic Monaco V4, launched in 2010, and the titanium, ruthenium and ceramic 2011 model.
© TAG Replica Watches UK

A new complication

In 2004, TAG Heuer owned only a case-making site. The efforts devoted to producing the Monaco V4 did indeed ignite the brand’s drive towards industrialisation. After incorporating a workshop specialising in the production of bridges and plates for mechanical movements in 2009, TAG Heuer set up two assembly workshops in 2010 on its main site in La Chaux-de-Fonds (dedicated to Haute Horlogerie and to its Calibre 1887); and then in 2011 acquired the high-end dial manufacturer ArteCad. The fourth TAG Heuer production unit was inaugurated on November 5th 2013 in Chevenez. The 10 million francs injected into the latter take the sum of investments designed to guarantee the brand optimal control of its component supply chain to an impressive total of 40 million Swiss francs.

So what will visitors to Baselworld discover in the new Monaco V4? Notably a new complication.

If you have missed it… Last month’s world events

— From Paris to Hong Kong via Monaco, discover our selection of glamorous world events and the pictures of the celebrities who attended them.

World events february

Click on the image above to view the photo-gallery of the events that were hosted by Rolex Replica watchmaking brands last month:

- On February 15, Slyde sponsored the «Poker for Pink» tour in association with Pink Ribbon Monaco. A major event held by her serene Highness, Princess Charlene, the « Poker for Pink » tour aimed at raising the awareness of breast cancer screening.

- On February 16, Leonardo di Caprio appeared on the red carpet for the BAFTA wearing a black tuxedo and his TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph.

- The Brit Awards 2014 ceremony took place on February 19th, at London’s O2 Arena. On this occasion, Raymond Weil, Official Swiss Omega Replica Watches & Timing Partner of the BRIT Awards, offered a special edition timepiece to some of the most famous names in the music industry.

- Three months after the signing of the partnership with the descendent of Gustave Eiffel, Cvstos had the pleasure to welcome Mr Philippe Coupérie Eiffel on its booth at the WPHH.

- The 2014 edition of the Longines Hong Kong Masters was held from February 21st to 23rd 2014 at AsiaWorld-Expo (Hong Kong). As the title partner and official timekeeper for the Hong Kong Masters, Longines presented the Conquest Classic, the official Omega replica watches for the event.

- For the seventh consecutive year, Piaget cohosted the Film Independent Spirit Awards, a star-studded affair honoring the best performers, writers, directors and producers of independent film.

- As the Official Timekeeper for Paris Saint-Germain – French Ligue 1 Champions – Hublot opted for a symbolic unveiling of the King Power Paris Saint-Germain at the Ooredoo training centre. Edinson Cavani, Thiago Silva, Yohan Cabaye, Gregory Van Der Wiel and Salvatore Sirigu were invited to take part in a Hublot Watch Academy workshop, with the assistance from a professional  watchmaker.

Chanel A new version of the iconic J12

— Its gradual transformations have been carefully introduced over the past 14 years. The new J12-365 delivers its own fair share of subtle features and technical innovations.

J12-365 ref. H3842. © Chanel 

At Chanel Replica Watches, the evolution of the J12 Fake Watches icon is steady, progressive and carefully staged. The collection is already rich and there is no question of diluting the essence of a model in a welter of chromatic variations.

One thing is for sure: the soul of the J12 remains unchanged. The 365 model features a round shape, a ribbed bezel, Arabic numerals, a crown guard – but also and above all ceramics as the primary material. And yet everything is changed by the fact that this new interpretation proudly proclaims its purely feminine vocation. “It is particularly distinguished by its daintier diameter, its finishes and its slim case housing an automatic movement, thus providing an authentic alternative to the original sportier 38 mm version”, says Nicolas Beau, International Director of Rolex Replica Watches at Chanel.



Beige gold, an alloy exclusive to Chanel, makes a stunning entrance on the new J12.

© Chanel Swiss Replica Watches


New format

In this respect, the most significant change is indeed size-related, since the J12-365 appears in an unprecedented 36.5 mm diameter that is also accentuated by a slim ribbed bezel, rather than the rotating graduated version. Finally, whereas the bezel was gem-set on some versions, the setting now adorns the inner bezel ring of certain variations, enabling the bezel to return to its initial sporting chic vocation.

“The name J12-365 expresses the idea of a Omega Replica watches accompanying the woman wearing it year-round and throughout the day, and also echoes the 36.5 mm diameter”, adds Nicolas Beau.

Above and beyond this first key difference, the dial also reveals a generously sized small seconds indication appearing in a snailed guilloché subdial at 6 o’clock and characterised a delightfully simple design. On all non-set versions of the new J12-365, this subdial will continue to radiate its pure grey track-free elegance. This is a powerful aesthetic choice for an indication that is generally used to count off the seconds with great precision, Chanel has opted for a non-graduated dragging or trailing seconds, as if to allow time to wander freely…



The diamond-setting on the J12-365 is applied to the inner bezel ring rather than the bezel itself.
© Chanel


All eyes on 6

On the dial side, graced for the first time with a luminous sunburst guilloché motif, the other new feature is the new home of the date window, now placed at 6 o’clock on the new J12-365 model. Although not a revolution as such, this represents a fundamental aesthetic shift, since the date between 4 and 5 o’clock had been a constant style feature of the J12.

This 6 o’clock date position, exactly where the small seconds is also making its appearance, is no coincidence. It draws the gaze towards this part of the dial, the only place where the smallest unit of measurement, the second, rubs shoulders with the largest displayed by the Breitling Replica watches UK – the date. The result is subtle, playful and aesthetically pleasing.


An unusual gold alloy

The 365 difference is far more evident on the case where, for the first time, Chanel unveils a new 18-carat beige gold made from an alloy exclusive to Chanel. Four of the eight aesthetic interpretations of the new J12-365 will benefit from this exceptional treatment.

For these new variations, Chanel has reprised a winning formula: black and white versions respectively referring to the 2000 and 2003 vintages. The line-up also includes versions set with diamonds on both the inner bezel ring and the small seconds – an audacious paving that beautifully enhances this novel feature that sets the new J12-365 apart from its predecessors.



The most richly set version of the J12-365 features an unusual paved setting on the small seconds, creating an unusual and striking contrast with the dominant black shade of this model.
© Chanel Fake Watches

Chopard becomes the Official Timing Partner Porsche Motorsport

The unveiling of the Porsche 919 Hybrid will take place tomorrow at the Geneva International Motor Show

Chopard is proud to be the Official Timing Partner of Porsche Motorsport. This prestigious partnership is an extension of Chopard’s longstanding commitment to automotive sports. The Geneva cheap Omega Replica watchmaker will thus accompany the long-awaited return of Porsche Motorsport at the LMP1 Endurance Championship, with the “24 Heures du Mans” endurance race as the highlight on June 14th and 15th.

A legendary team in the world of motor-racing, Porsche Motorsport has decided to partner with Swiss Replica Watchesmaker Chopard for its grand comeback to competition in the LMP1 Endurance World Championship with its 919 Porsche Hybrid.

United by shared values such as a constant quest for performance and excellence, Porsche Motorsport and Chopard are today sealing a partnership that is based on passion for motor-racing. Born of a common aspiration towards reliability and innovation, the exceptional mechanics from the workshops, of both Porsche Motorsport and Chopard, have made their mark on their respective worlds, remaining benchmarks among devotees of motorsports and replica Omega watchmaking.

The history of Porsche Motorsport is inseparable from another motorsports legend: Jacky Ickx. A longstanding Chopard ambassador, “Mr Le Mans”, six-time winner of the trial, he scored four of his Le Mans victories at the wheel of a Porsche.

Longines The Conquest Classic at the Longines Hong Kong Masters 2014

— As the title partner and official timekeeper for the Hong Kong Masters, Longines presented Conquest Classic, the official Omega Replica watches for the event.

Kevin Staut sur Quismy-des-Vaux HDC  © Longines 

Like all the models in the Conquest Classic line, the official replica Omega watches for the 2014 Longines Hong Kong Masters is fitted with a self-winding calibre. With a diameter of 40 mm, this model in steel and rose gold houses the mechanical caliber L619. Its silvered dial is set with 3 arabic numerals and 9 applied indices with Super-LumiNova® and displays the hours, the minutes and the seconds as well as the date at 3 o’clock. Just as the entire collection Conquest Classic, this timepiece is water-resistant to 5 bar and its screw-down case back is fitted with a sapphire glass.



Aaron Kwok, Longines Ambassador of Elegance, at the Longines Hong Kong Masters 2014.
© Longines Replica Watches

Longines presented this model, dedicated to its passion for equestrian sports, during the Longines Hong Kong Masters. The 2014 edition of the event was held from February 21st to 23rd 2014 at AsiaWorld-Expo (Hong Kong). The two highlights of the event were the Longines Speed Challenge, won by Kevin Staut on Quismy des Vaux H D C, and the Longines Grand Prix, attended by Longines Ambassador of Elegance Aaron Kwok and won by Henrik von Eckermann riding Gotha FRH on Sunday 23 February 2014.


Longines Hong Kong Masters 2014: Simon Delestre, second at the Longines Speed Challenge, Kevin Staut, winner of the Longines Speed Challenge, Julien Epaillard, third at the Longines Speed Challenge, and Mr. Walter von Känel, President of Longines.
© Longines Fake Watches

Customisation A desire for uniqueness

— From dials to horological complications through engravings, several brands are prepared to comply with connoisseurs’ every whim and fancy, including the wildest.


There has never before been such a variety of choice available in the Omega Replica watch industry yet, despite this fact, one-of-a-kind timepieces have never been more eagerly sought after. A replica Omega watches is often an object purchased to mark a special occasion such as to celebrate love, a birth, or as a token of gratitude. Personalising it represents a means of adopting it, of making it testify to a moment that is thus immortalised. Swiss Replica Watches lend themselves perfectly to these kinds of dedications, since they make their way through the ages while measuring time. The strap is the first stage, as confirmed by the success of bespoke leather specialists. Engraving is the next step, and when it comes to initials or insignia, the Reverso by Jaeger-LeCoultre provides ideal scope for personal expression. This is however a private and non-functional part of the watch, and the more visually apparent customisation options begin with the dial.

Bovet is the specialist of personalised miniature or enamel dials, and also offer case engravings.
© Bovet 1822


Exterior elements

The face of the watch is the domain of the brand, which generally places its name and logo there. Bovet is a specialist of bespoke miniature painted dials, a longstanding Fleurier tradition. The dial is fitted at the end of the production process, a fact that is eminently compatible with the organisational constraints involved in personalisation. Things get a bit more complex with the inside of the case as soon as the movement is involved. Blancpain offers a service of engraving oscillating weights, which it sculpts according to individual requests. Its erotic automaton and minute repeater watches are the best-known one-of-a-kind models in the industry. Another movement component ideally suited to customisation is the tourbillon carriage, and Louis Vuitton allows customers to choose the shape of this extremely refined component.


The caseback of this Blancpain erotic watch is adorned with a specially ordered miniature.
© Blancpain


The heart of the matter

There is however nothing more exclusive than a watch with a movement specifically made to order. Clients are often ‘serial customisers’. Some seek uniqueness for uniqueness’ sake, while others are enlightened connoisseurs and mechanical specialists. They also want to be directly involved in design and production, but this complex process tends to put off certain watch companies which prefer the rational nature of a standardised and easily controllable work-load schedule rather than the vagaries of one-of-a-kind models. It must be said that customers’ wishes are sometimes limitless. Certain brands have felt scruples regarding the Asian trend for self-portraits. There are plenty of strange ideas floating around, but how can one say no to a customer prepared to pay through the nose?



Louis Vuitton personalises the carriage of its Tambour Tourbillon on demand.
© Louis Vuitton

Step by step

Vacheron Constantin has a special division, the Atelier Cabinotiers, which is responsible for all kinds of individualisation. Its mission encompasses every aspect of bespoke models ranging from dial to case to complications… The owner’s wishes are submitted to an ethics committee. If the project is deemed to meet the House standards, it will be carried forward in complete confidentiality. The Atelier has already secretly crafted a watch even more complicated than its Tour de l’Ile model, which was already a towering accomplishment. Patek Philippe sometimes fulfils such orders, but no information is ever leaked. Cartier also remains discreet about these processes, which are necessarily intended for its VIP clients.



The Vladimir, one of the rare Vacheron Constantin Watches Replica from the Atelier Cabinotiers to have been publically revealed.
© Vacheron Constantin